WedPM Youth continues this Wednesday!  

       The basement door will open at 5pm.

Salem Christian Church

September 19, 2021


   Prayer Meeting - 9:30am in the Choir Room

              Worship at 10am - Auditorium

      Sunday School follows starting at 11:15


For Communion, please wait for an usher, use the side aisles and approach the communion table from each side; and then return to your seat using the center aisle.


++Offering Plates are up front and on the back desk.++


Sunday School will continue today following the 10am Morning  Worship time.  Tim Hill leads a class in the Auditorium and  Steve Morton leads an adult class upstairs.   Sharon Eland leads a Ladies’ Sunday School class in the Choir Room.  Youth classes are also available.


WedPM will continue this week!  The Basement Door will be unlocked at 5:30pm and Supper will be at 6:00pm.  Everyone welcome!!


Nomination Forms for Elders, Deacons and Trustees are on the Round Table by the Ramp at the front of the Auditorium.  All members of the SCC Family are encouraged to make suggestions for these important duties.  The Final Selection of those nominated will be made by the Elders and presented to the Congregation during our Annual Election.


Elder’s Meeting next Sunday the 26th at 8:30am.


See You at the Pole:  Monday, September 27th  Doughnuts @ 7am, Music @ 7:20 & Speaker @ 7:25am